Willem Wernsen

On Street Photography. Street photos.

COUNTRY | Nederland

BIO | “About 40 years ago I bought my first camera. Photography started as a hobby, but it has grown into a passionate lifestyle. From the start, I felt the need to photograph people. Of course in black and white, because I love that the most. In that time I collected books of the great photographers. Many hours I have spent looking at all those beautiful photos, it gave me so much inspiration. Through the years I have developed myself and the connoisseurs say I developed my own style of photography”
Independent Photographer. Author of 5 photo-books (Beautiful People. 2003) – (Timeless 2011) Both books sold out.- Behind the Great Wall. Oct 2014) – (On Street Photography. 2015 published by Craft&Vision Oct 2015 Canada) 101 Tips Voor Straatfotografie (April 2019) MoreThanWords.
Member of the Dutch association for professional photographers DuPho/GKF.
‘Foundation Willem Wernsen Photography’.