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Turkuazstreet. TurkuazStreet is a collective of street photographers that begun in 2013.
We are currently 8 active members based in Turkey. The main goal of TurkuazStreet collective is to strengthen Street Photography in Turkey.
We are working on collective projects and also Collective members are working on their personal projects. Our near future goal is making a book about these projects and to be part of international exhibitions.

Collective: Turkuazstreet

Country: Turkey

Members: Alphan Yilmazmaden, Efe Can Uysal, Efe Caylak, Mehmet Uzum, Melek Ezgi Özcan, Rasul Guliev, Tural Rahmanlı, Ufuk Akarı.

Alphan Yilmazmaden
Efe Can Uysal
Efe Caylak
Mehmet Uzum
Melek Ezgi Özcan
Rasul Guliyev
Tural Rahmanlı
Ufuk Akarı