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Hakan Biyiklioglu

Shadows and Silhouettes. Chasing the silhouettes and shadows, to reflect a moment where an ordinary spot turns into an aesthetic view. Beauty lives everywhere, but only in those few moments out of millions.

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Suzan Pektas

Dreams The Black Sea. I was born in a Bulgarian city close to the Black Sea coast. Some of the most memorable times of my childhood are the summer times that the whole family used to spend in a small hut on the beach.

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Sinan Kili├ž

Motto of City and anf Life . A city is actually a visible or an invisible multitude; With its buildings, wracks and ruins, Lives glide from the walls, shadows, loneliness and crowds…

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Efe Can Uysal

Istanbul Street Stories. Istanbul. My home, my life, my city. These photos are a part of a story. I am a collector. I collect emotions. Emotions of Istanbul and people who lives in Istanbul.

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Turkuazstreet. TurkuazStreet is a collective of street photographers that begun in 2013. We are currently 8 active members based in Turkey. The main goal of TurkuazStreet collective is to strengthen Street Photography in Turkey.

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Serkan Tekin

Visions from Istanbul. My submission is about visions from ISTANBUL Streets. Geometric, comic, strange and funny coincidences are my main theme in my photos.

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