Amado Ergana

Black. Black is my favorite color. I believe it is the best color to represent us as a human because just like the color we are mysterious. Yes, it is true, we all have different personality but we all have that part most people do not know about.

Parker Reinecker

Running from the Sun. There is a place that seems so far from here. A place where the sand, the dirt, the rock and the sky live in harmony. Where the sun beats down on the man formed brick and the asphalt of the journey to the West.

Alessio Lucarini

Streets of Morocco. The streets of Morocco is a street project that contains some photographs that are part of the “Morocco Diary” work. These photos were taken in the jungle of the medina of Marrakech and Essaouira trying to capture that frenzy and dynamism that only in the souk can be found.

Marina Koryakin

Lost in Tokyo. It was my first visit to Japan, in Tokyo. A place so different and so strange. A lot of people in the streets, people who are not easy to discover their emotions, people are cut off from each other.

Cristian Scotellaro

Streets. When I go out to street to take pictures, I like to be aware to coincidences, expressions, colors, combinations. See what people do, how they relate to the environment and how the environment relates to them.

Luigi Chighine

Different visions. Visions through glass, mirrors or puddles can alter the concept of reality, at least photographically. I can deceive the interlocutor with equivocal images emphasizing details that are not captured at first, I can show things that are not really cosms are represented.

Alex Bronfer

Transylvania. Street photos. This series was done in December of 2017 during visiting Gypsy villages. I was born not far from those places in Ukraine and I wanted to enter again into my past …. to my childhood with gooses … caws and horse carts but now with my camera…