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Jayarop Piyapramote

Manga world. I love manga since I was a child. Now I try to take a photo shot in the real world to look as same as the drawing in Manga. Sometime if we are lucky, we might found someone with a weird character on the street. But sometimes we create that person in our mind just like we draw our own Manga in the real world.

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Sakulchai Sikitikul

The Trusth is out there. Supernatural, Conspiracy theories, Mythology, Unidentified flying object, Inspired by THE X-FILES, what can not be explained But has confirmed the existence.

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Thanasorn Janekankit

ABnimal. I like to go out and take street photographs while imagining myself as Indiana Jones who is wading through the jungle, searching and hunting for exotic animals to add to his collection.

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Jad Jadsada

This ongoing photo series is called “Piece by piece” which I’ve been collecting them for about 3 years since I started shooting street photography. I looked for the connection between people and their surroundings in strangely satisfying ways. I still enjoy these photos whenever I look at them.

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