Parker Reinecker

Running from the Sun. There is a place that seems so far from here. A place where the sand, the dirt, the rock and the sky live in harmony. Where the sun beats down on the man formed brick and the asphalt of the journey to the West.

Diego Herculano

Children of an Invisible Brazil. Over the years, I have visited some favelas in Brazil and recorded the daily lives of some children in this universe. Childhood is extremely important in the social development of people, it is there that we shape our character, so I believe.

Alex Bronfer

Transylvania. Street photos. This series was done in December of 2017 during visiting Gypsy villages. I was born not far from those places in Ukraine and I wanted to enter again into my past …. to my childhood with gooses … caws and horse carts but now with my camera…

Nikita Payusov

The Square. I equally enjoy shooting film and digital. But there is a different level of satisfaction when you capture something great on film, especially 120mm film. You only have one shot to capture a scene, because you can’t quickly rewind the film, not 102mm.

Vitor Damasio

São Paulo. From head to toe I photographed my city, São Paulo, a gigantic city, with dangers like any other city, but with its excellent locations, buildings and bundles of light and reflections. Cliché but I inspire myself in it, and walk through it.

Luciano Del Bufalo

Devotion. In Cusco, Peru the faithful claim that the effigy of Christ held off an earthquake that was threatening the city over 350 years ago. Ever since, the locals have been paying homage to the image of the Lord of the Tremors or Taitacha Temblores, as it is known locally.

Arturo Cañedo

Walking through the city, enjoy the sensations, shapes, textures that this emanates and make it somehow yours through photography, is a way, for me, to understand and understand that we are part of the same without excluding ourselves and therefore return this captured energy in a positive way. 

Richard Mills

Agri-Culture. Agri-Culture, An incomplete guide to the English county show. This is a long term candid project (started 5 years ago) to document unique moments at county shows, typically held over the English summer time, and where farmers, animals and the general public get together to observe man and prize beast.

Jad Jadsada

This ongoing photo series is called “Piece by piece” which I’ve been collecting them for about 3 years since I started shooting street photography. I looked for the connection between people and their surroundings in strangely satisfying ways. I still enjoy these photos whenever I look at them.

Jack Simon

I recently published People of Earth a small book of unposed and unplanned images of terrestrial life taken in the past 4 years. My ideal is finding scenes that might stimulate different stories in the minds of my viewers. Here are 10 from the book.