Alfredo Romero

Donde la luz se deshace (where the light falls apart). Humanist project, which respond to the need to see everyday life through photography, immediately, here and now; in my natural environment, my city, looking for people behind the black mantle that light produces on the streets of the city.

Neenad Arul

Dog Story. I must personally admit initially when I started out exploring my passion for street photography I was very shy as a person and I always thought itís not polite to photograph unknown people.

Luigi Alba

Everyday Encounters. This is a collection of photographs that capture the art of life. Capturing everyday emotions from a spectator perspective. Nothing upfront and personal. It’s a celebration of everyday moments that I enjoyed via my viewfinder.

Marina Koryakin

Lost in Tokyo. It was my first visit to Japan, in Tokyo. A place so different and so strange. A lot of people in the streets, people who are not easy to discover their emotions, people are cut off from each other.

Tausif Rahman

A dying universe. Photographs from a dying universe is a project about some of the little moments around. Walking around streets and parks of Dhaka at night is like one of my daily routines. An extra dose of light combined with black and white makes these little moments stand out from the darkness.