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Italian Street Eyes

Italian Street Eyes. Italian Street Eyes is a collective of Italian photographers focused on the practice of street photography and with the desire to show the world with their documentary and artistic way.

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interCollective. In 2016 we formed interCollective because of an affinity with each other’s work and the belief we would gel as a team. Our desire was to curate together, and so began @interCollective on Instagram.

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Fotogenik. Fotogenik is an international street photography collective created in 2018. It grew out of the need to share, to connect with others and to promote differing approaches to urban photography.

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Observe. OBSERVE is an international photography collective focused primarily on the practice of candid street photography. Spanning four continents we are united by a common fascination with watching and documenting the diverse humanity that surrounds us.

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Turkuazstreet. TurkuazStreet is a collective of street photographers that begun in 2013. We are currently 8 active members based in Turkey. The main goal of TurkuazStreet collective is to strengthen Street Photography in Turkey.

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Superluna Collective

Superluna Collective. Superluna was founded in late 2016 as an international group of photographers. The idea came precisely on the 14/11/2016, day of the Super Moon phenomenon, hence the collective’s name.

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