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Jasmin Gendron

I am not a tourist. We decided to move to Japan last winter… The perception of beauty we have of an area can be influenced by a variety of personal experiences and situations.

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Sagi Kortler

Where dirt meets water. “Where dirt meets water” is how comedian Bill Hicks described the beach, it’s a place where surrealism is at it’s beat.

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Thanasorn Janekankit

ABnimal. I like to go out and take street photographs while imagining myself as Indiana Jones who is wading through the jungle, searching and hunting for exotic animals to add to his collection.

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Liu Tao

A lonely corner. I found some loneliness on the street corner. Maybe there is too little spiritual life here. Use my funny eyes to give some comfort to life. Blessing.

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Kalel Koven

Between Us, NYC. A series that I did in the summer of 2015 for three months in NYC. Every day I took to the streets to get to know this city its energy. like a woman, you’re getting to know. I’m interested in the moment that set up in front of me.

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Tausif Rahman

A dying universe. Photographs from a dying universe is a project about some of the little moments around. Walking around streets and parks of Dhaka at night is like one of my daily routines. An extra dose of light combined with black and white makes these little moments stand out from the darkness.

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