Kalel Koven

Between Us, NYC. A series that I did in the summer of 2015 for three months in NYC. Every day I took to the streets to get to know this city its energy. like a woman, you’re getting to know. I’m interested in the moment that set up in front of me.

Tausif Rahman

A dying universe. Photographs from a dying universe is a project about some of the little moments around. Walking around streets and parks of Dhaka at night is like one of my daily routines. An extra dose of light combined with black and white makes these little moments stand out from the darkness.

Cristian Scotellaro

Streets. When I go out to street to take pictures, I like to be aware to coincidences, expressions, colors, combinations. See what people do, how they relate to the environment and how the environment relates to them.

Rodrigo Roher

“Yuxta”. Juxtaposition is a rhetorical device that places two elements in close relationship for comparative purposes. Juxtaposition is a type of comparison. Typically, the two elements being juxtaposed have differences and the juxtaposition is meant to highlight contrasting effects.

Phillip Jenkins

Rock and a Hard Place. Rock and a Hard Place is a series of pictures capturing the other side of Suzhou’s technology gloss and Shanghai’s unabashed glitz to document the everyday lives of these cities’ working class members.

Md. Sydul Islam

The Story of the Outsiders. I like to roam around the city and hunt down the strange and unnoticed moments. Try to capture the strange and unique moments whenever I have the chance. Love to shoot in colour because colours make our eyes soothing.