Alfredo Romero

Donde la luz se deshace (where the light falls apart). Humanist project, which respond to the need to see everyday life through photography, immediately, here and now; in my natural environment, my city, looking for people behind the black mantle that light produces on the streets of the city.


The other city. In general, a street photographer will highlight the ability to capture the moment… but for me It’s a little bit different. These photographs are the final result of something that I consider much more valuable: the skill to capture “The Other City”.

La Calle es Nuestra

La Calle es Nuestra. The Street Smells. It needs to be felt and touched. We feel the street and we drown ourselves in its singular nature, its people, its buildings, its suburbs, its wet walls, its rough bricks and reflections. We took the street. Street is Ours

Étienne Racine

Andalousian Contrastes. Escaping the Parisian tumults, I lived one year in Andalusia (South of Spain), in a secluded village between mountain and sea. I seized the opportunity to photograph the Seville, Cordoba and Malaga surroundings ferias and processions.


Moments. Hello. IÂŽm Bambi. I am from Spain. Welcome to my pastel world. I like the 80s, the touch of velvet, the wrinkles in old people faces, getting lost in a city and candid portraits. I love capture unique characters of everyday life and the way that light and colors transform the city.

Rodrigo Roher

“Yuxta”. Juxtaposition is a rhetorical device that places two elements in close relationship for comparative purposes. Juxtaposition is a type of comparison. Typically, the two elements being juxtaposed have differences and the juxtaposition is meant to highlight contrasting effects.