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Mark Fearnley

Shadow Stories. These images I took while I was traveling last year. Lines, shadows, silhouettes, negative space and human solitude is the theme I was continuously looking for. Creating a strong mood and feeling to my work.

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Gokhan Gokcay

Follow me to the shadows of the cave. In this modern world, Instagram screens are the walls of our caves, where everyone is happy, charismatic, and beautiful. It is hard to recognize the reality. We are all too busy to see it or to feel it.

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Jeff Karp

Stranger in the Light. This is my primary photography project since the spring of 2017. Stranger in the Light explores candid interactions of people and silhouettes with interesting public spaces filled with intense light and dark shadows.

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Luca Strippoli

Welcome into My World. I like an image to give you a feeling, and if there’s people in the middle, I’m happier. My shots are predominantly black and white, moods, moments, glances, are my photos.

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Hugues Charrier

Shadow and backlight. The world being only differences, the simple moments of life must be immortalized through a photograph, naturally without artifice. Far from being a hold-up, it is there, the mission of the street photographer, that to testify of the ephemeral at the moment of the click.

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Francesco Nigi

My point of view. This is a series of some of my street photographs, I prefer black and white because I love to emphasize the shadows and the lights; often shot with the viewfinder set in black and white for this reason.

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