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Steven Jensen

After Dark. The title and content of this series owes much to Richard Wenk’s 1980’s film ‘Vamp’. I was fascinated by the different neon colours in this and other films like Dario Argento’s ‘Suspiria’ when I was a teenager and I think the imagery has just stuck with me all these years.

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Gavin Bragdon

The camera is a tool: Used plainly it can document the world as we see it. Used a little differently however, it can reveal to us a version of the world that is invisible to us.

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Stuart Paton

For people who don’t know Milan, it’s a bit like Bucarest but with more pizzerias. This is a selection of pictures from said city. To be fair, it’s a sort of skewed Identikit portrait comprised of my dark outlook superimposed over Milan’s cold heart.

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