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Mihai Andrei

A visual incursion outside everyday life. The images from my photo submission are mostly taken in rural or decayed regions in my country, emphasizing with isolated people communities.

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Stela Patrulescu

From inside me. About this project, I started writing somewhere in 2013, along with the camera. I then started looking for pictures that came from somewhere inside me and found myself in my meetings with people, places, and beings that I met.

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Catalin Strugaru

Introspection as fairy tale. A series of photos taken in Vama Veche, Romania, during last year. I do like as a photographer and as a painter to combine expressionism with surrealist elements.

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Cosmin Munteanu

More or less humans. As mentioned in my very short “photo” portrait, nowadays, while the scene remains untouchable, in some of my photographs the humans simply don’t exist, literally and sometimes just scarcely. But that’s just a first impression.

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