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Raimund Moser

A regal, ruling river there exists. Iquitos, Peru, is a fascinating and weired place. This series explores daily life of Iquitos people and has evolved under the guidance of Nikos Economopoulos.

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Ivan Orbegoso

Visual radiography of Trujillo. Radiography of Trujillo, Peru. These photographs have been taken between 2014 and 2018. They are the result of many wanderings through the streets of the city of Trujillo, Peru.

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Cesar Campos

Paucartambo. The road to Paucartambo (Cusco, Peru) is filled with worshipers every July 15. Year after year, the children of Carmen Mamacha become one to represent, during three days, the Andean authority transformed into dance and pilgrimage.

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Luciano Del Bufalo

Devotion. In Cusco, Peru the faithful claim that the effigy of Christ held off an earthquake that was threatening the city over 350 years ago. Ever since, the locals have been paying homage to the image of the Lord of the Tremors or Taitacha Temblores, as it is known locally.

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Arturo Ca帽edo

Walking through the city, enjoy the sensations, shapes, textures that this emanates and make it somehow yours through photography, is a way, for me, to understand and understand that we are part of the same without excluding ourselves and therefore return this captured energy in a positive way.聽

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