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Lasse Persson

Out in the streets I look for the decisive moments that can be absurd, humorous or ironic. It gives me great pleasure to walk the streets and watch peoples behavior and with some luck catch the moment which will never return.

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Vrettakos Alexandros

PASSING BY. In my portfolio PASSING BY I present photographs, where the time of photography is a predominant element, as in most of them there are people moving, so the choice of moment is decisive in the composition and the final form of the image.

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Stefano Dili

S o c i e t u s . The following series of images is part of an ongoing independent long-term project. A personal representation, a visual journey, an exploration of various problems that afflict society today, seen through the photographer’s eye.

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Adrien Perea

Fl√Ęnerie. My photographs reflect my walks in the city of Montpellier. Black holds a prominent place in my work and the human is hidden behind his own figure.

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George Koutsouvelis

Questions of Form. A small set of pictures from my long term project with the same title. I like to imagine this body of work as a questionnaire on how a modern Metropolis affects human everyday life.

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Sakis Dazanis

Street Life. Street Life is a collection of pictures taken in my hometown and during trips searching for an impromptu protagonist and an unexpected story.

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