The other city. In general, a street photographer will highlight the ability to capture the moment… but for me It’s a little bit different. These photographs are the final result of something that I consider much more valuable: the skill to capture “The Other City”.

Luca Paccusse

Street photography can be declined in different ways. Although I am personally very attracted to the graphic component produced by lights and shadows, in this project I wanted to collect some ironic or simply curious candid photos, taken in different European places.

Arturo CaƱedo

Walking through the city, enjoy the sensations, shapes, textures that this emanates and make it somehow yours through photography, is a way, for me, to understand and understand that we are part of the same without excluding ourselves and therefore return this captured energy in a positive way.Ā 

Stuart Paton

For people who don’t know Milan, it’s a bit like Bucarest but with more pizzerias. This is a selection of pictures from said city. To be fair, it’s a sort of skewed Identikit portrait comprised of my dark outlook superimposed over Milan’s cold heart.