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Makis Makris

The Essence of Moments . Elements (fragments) that compose the daily life, which are located either in the most familiar places or outside of them, as a part of the complexity of the human activities, are the raw materials with whose the photographer becomes a creator of a new world, a new transformed reality.

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Peter Ydeen

Easton Nights. Easton Nights is a story which grew from the unique and uncommon valley in which the city lies, and is told with the images of unpeopled landscapes taken at night.

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Sebastian Jacobitz

Berlin After Dark. “The Berlin Ku’Damm is the most prominent shopping street in Berlin. Normally the street is filled with people looking for the newest dresses or Cellphones.

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Valeria Tofanelli

Street photography is my way of making sense of banality and to reinterpret reality through my eyes. When I shoot I get out of context to immerse myself only in what interests me to realize an intuition.

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Claudia Cuomo

Battle of Algiers is referred to the battle symbol of 50-60s war, starting migratory flux from Algeria to France. An Algerian wedding of a very young couple in which guests and relatives show that there’s nothing warmer and joyful then the celebration of two families connecting each others in folklore, dancing and tradition.

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Alfredo Oliva

Night on Earth is the title of the film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch: a collection of five vignettes, taking place during the same night, in different cities of the world. This photographic work is a tribute to this film.

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