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Marina M. Garcia

Morocco: Streets & Stories. These are all images I took during my last trip to Morocco and part of the project “Morocco: streets and stories”. This series is an attempt to show you this beautiful and colourful country through a monochromatic perspective and focus of daily stories on its streets.

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Simo Ezoubeiri

Suburban Marrakech. Photography for me is a pectoral way to tell a story and evoke feelings. I utilize the camera as an instrument to preserve life in the act of living.

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Alessio Lucarini

Streets of Morocco. The streets of Morocco is a street project that contains some photographs that are part of the “Morocco Diary” work. These photos were taken in the jungle of the medina of Marrakech and Essaouira trying to capture that frenzy and dynamism that only in the souk can be found.

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