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Jasmin Gendron

I am not a tourist. We decided to move to Japan last winter… The perception of beauty we have of an area can be influenced by a variety of personal experiences and situations.

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Yan Motta

日本 – Days of Heaven. 日本 – Days of Heaven is a project that captures the social nuances, traditions, and cultural metamorphoses of Japan.

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Marina Koryakin

Lost in Tokyo. It was my first visit to Japan, in Tokyo. A place so different and so strange. A lot of people in the streets, people who are not easy to discover their emotions, people are cut off from each other.

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Thibaut Goarant

Nocturnus. Why Nocturnus? I don’t really know; well, I know but I have not really defined it yet. But can you really define what depression is? Yes, of course there is the medical definition. But don’t we all have within us a dark side?

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Daniele Martire

Purgatorio, circle of lust. ‘Or sai nostri atti e di che fummo rei: se forse a nome vuo’ saper chi semo, tempo non è di dire, e non saprei’. Circle of lust, seventh and last round of the Purgatorio project: here they take delight the souls of people who pretend to enjoy life.

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