Maria Cingari

Light and shadow in Rome. Over the years I have made a series of photos in the city of Rome, playing with the lights and contrasts, which have the distinction of making the ordinary extraordinary.

Luigi Chighine

Different visions. Visions through glass, mirrors or puddles can alter the concept of reality, at least photographically. I can deceive the interlocutor with equivocal images emphasizing details that are not captured at first, I can show things that are not really cosms are represented.

Davide Bergamini

Urban Eclipse. Most of the time I shoot in the lunch break, harsh light, not really the golden hours according to the photography books. But playing with the shadows and silhouettes I feel I can reach my vision of the city. As I said, everything is frantic, fast and chaotic.

Luca S

Metropolis. This is “Metropolis”, a series about spontaneous relations between people and urban elements. I came across these street scenes in the last two years, in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Milan and Berlin.

Luca Paccusse

Street photography can be declined in different ways. Although I am personally very attracted to the graphic component produced by lights and shadows, in this project I wanted to collect some ironic or simply curious candid photos, taken in different European places.

Stuart Paton

For people who don’t know Milan, it’s a bit like Bucarest but with more pizzerias. This is a selection of pictures from said city. To be fair, it’s a sort of skewed Identikit portrait comprised of my dark outlook superimposed over Milan’s cold heart.

Daniele Martire

Purgatorio, circle of lust. ‘Or sai nostri atti e di che fummo rei: se forse a nome vuo’ saper chi semo, tempo non è di dire, e non saprei’. Circle of lust, seventh and last round of the Purgatorio project: here they take delight the souls of people who pretend to enjoy life.