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Sagi Kortler

Where dirt meets water. “Where dirt meets water” is how comedian Bill Hicks described the beach, it’s a place where surrealism is at it’s beat.

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Maya Rahamim

Time has no meaning. Zanzibar is a Muslim island in Tanzania, the island is quite toured by travelers all over the world, despite it, can still see the magical authenticity in big parts of this place.

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Marina Koryakin

Lost in Tokyo. It was my first visit to Japan, in Tokyo. A place so different and so strange. A lot of people in the streets, people who are not easy to discover their emotions, people are cut off from each other.

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Alex Bronfer

Transylvania. Street photos. This series was done in December of 2017 during visiting Gypsy villages. I was born not far from those places in Ukraine and I wanted to enter again into my past …. to my childhood with gooses … caws and horse carts but now with my camera…

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Efrat Sela

Glimpse into those moments. The camera compels me to stop and pay attention to the environment, to see and feel people and situations around me. I find myself instantly and instinctively drawn to subjects and, often without advanced planning, find myself looking through the lens at the same things…

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