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Stavros Stamatiou

A raven’s dream. The series “A raven’s dream” is an attempt to deal with the uncanny (“unheimlich”), to dive into an age of innocence where everything seemed to be mysterious, enigmatic, sometimes ominous.

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Hara Sklika

Days at the Channel. “Days at the Channel” series where taken during a time period of regular visits to various locations around the English Channel, in an attempt to observe and capture the coexistence of people and the urban landscape.

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Panagiotis Kotsiris

Streets of Athens. What comes first? The point or the man? This is a story of anonymous people crossing the city and it is also a tribute for those who started but never got anywhere.

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Anthimos Ntagas

The mystique of the unexpected. I am fascinated with the way people act when they are unaware of my existence. To capture the true identity of a person is the main goal of my work.

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Lukas Vasilikos

Tales of color. The street is a field with endless possibilities, where surprises always hide behind the next corner. When I walk with my camera in my hands, the street life transforms into a theatrical act, a play that is taking place for me only.

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Gianis Angelakis

The image that most people have of places that are touristic destinations, like my city, is caricaturistic. But life goes on, with and without tourists. There are different people with different kind of stories to tell. And it is not always shiny. Sometimes it can even snow.

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