Vitor Damasio

São Paulo. From head to toe I photographed my city, São Paulo, a gigantic city, with dangers like any other city, but with its excellent locations, buildings and bundles of light and reflections. Cliché but I inspire myself in it, and walk through it.

Luciano Del Bufalo

Devotion. In Cusco, Peru the faithful claim that the effigy of Christ held off an earthquake that was threatening the city over 350 years ago. Ever since, the locals have been paying homage to the image of the Lord of the Tremors or Taitacha Temblores, as it is known locally.

Arturo Cañedo

Walking through the city, enjoy the sensations, shapes, textures that this emanates and make it somehow yours through photography, is a way, for me, to understand and understand that we are part of the same without excluding ourselves and therefore return this captured energy in a positive way. 

Richard Mills

Agri-Culture. Agri-Culture, An incomplete guide to the English county show. This is a long term candid project (started 5 years ago) to document unique moments at county shows, typically held over the English summer time, and where farmers, animals and the general public get together to observe man and prize beast.

Efrat Sela

Glimpse into those moments. The camera compels me to stop and pay attention to the environment, to see and feel people and situations around me. I find myself instantly and instinctively drawn to subjects and, often without advanced planning, find myself looking through the lens at the same things…

Claudia Cuomo

Battle of Algiers is referred to the battle symbol of 50-60s war, starting migratory flux from Algeria to France. An Algerian wedding of a very young couple in which guests and relatives show that there’s nothing warmer and joyful then the celebration of two families connecting each others in folklore, dancing and tradition.