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All Eyeshot publications are Sold Out! September 2019

We are very proud to announce that all Eyeshot Publications (“Street Jungle”, “Surreal”, “Street Xmas” and “Flashgun”) are SOLD OUT. Eyeshot has been sold and shipped to over 50 countries worldwide. Eyeshot is an independent publishing house and our motivations are always strong. We will shortly be announcing important news regarding the future of Eyeshot! Stay Tuned.

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Dominic Bugatto for Eyeshot

We are very happy to have received this extraordinary illustration by Dominic Bugatto, an Illustrator and Photographer based in Toronto. Dominic was born in Bradford, England, and spent his formative years growing up in the West end of Montreal.

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Eyeshot Flashgun Issue 2

EYESHOT FLASHGUN. Soon Available for Pre-Order. MANIFESTO | Ever notice how quick the flash is on a camera? That’s how fast other types of flashes are, including the super-fast superhero The Flash. Whether you’re talking about a flash of lighting or a flash of insight, a flash is quick and bright and sudden. There aren’t any slow, long flashes. Because flashes are so fast, the word is often used for anything that happens really quickly: a flash is as fast as a New York minute, the blink of an eye, a heartbeat, an instant, a jiffy, or a split second.

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