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Navin Vatsa

Voice- either silent or loud. Street photography is not just a genre to me rather it defines my personality and character both… It has given me a way of understanding myself… Who I am, why I am…What to see…what to observe…and what to compose in the form of a story, either small or large… I believe in imagination that comes from observing various situations that I encounter, either in my city Delhi or at my hometown, or traveling to many other places… In the last 3 years, I am working on the concept of “Travel-Street”, where the main priorities on […]

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Lasse Persson

Out in the streets I look for the decisive moments that can be absurd, humorous or ironic. It gives me great pleasure to walk the streets and watch peoples behavior and with some luck catch the moment which will never return.

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Vrettakos Alexandros

PASSING BY. In my portfolio PASSING BY I present photographs, where the time of photography is a predominant element, as in most of them there are people moving, so the choice of moment is decisive in the composition and the final form of the image.

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