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Jenn Mee没s

Cuban Portfolio. The Cuban photo series was started last December, under the guidance of Nikos Economopoulos. It explores the daily life of the Cuban people.

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Marc Erpelding

Colours of Soul. While exploring a city, I am attracted by light, colours, textures, structures and how people blend into that urban setting. I selected these images for their overarching theme of camouflage and intimacy.

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Ilaria D’alessandro

Cuba by mirror. What shocked me most in Cuba, was the co-living of magnificent buildings next to those that were falling apart. I started to take a photo using the mirror trying to connect 2 different/opposite viewpoints, to well understand the environment of one scene.

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Nikita Payusov

The Square. I equally enjoy shooting film and digital. But there is a different level of satisfaction when you capture something great on film, especially 120mm film. You only have one shot to capture a scene, because you can鈥檛 quickly rewind the film, not 102mm.

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Marco Martinazzo

Colors of Cuba. Ogni nuovo mattino, uscir貌 per le strade cercando i colori. Every new morning, I will go out into the streets looking for colors. “Cesare Pavese”

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Hans van Leeuwen

Havana streets as seen in 2017. Cuba is in a rapid transition, but the sounds and soul of the streets change slowly. Wander the streets of Havana, observe and create photographs that capture these impressions.

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