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Luca S

Metropolis. This is “Metropolis”, a series about spontaneous relations between people and urban elements. I came across these street scenes in the last two years, in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Milan and Berlin.

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Mahadi Hasan

The Shape of The Moment. I live in crowed place in Dhaka Bangladesh. So I try to capture the simplicity of a moment. For this I chose to take the silhouette photography project. Here is a wonderful way to convey drama, mystery, emotion & mood in a picture.

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Alessandro Rocchi

The longest power outages in Ghana. When you walk through central Accra, you hear this annoying buzz. It’s like the buzz of a mosquito in your ear. It comes from all the businesses that are using generators.

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Giedo van der Zwan

Pier to Pier. My project ‘Pier to Pier’ is about the beach culture in my home town Scheveningen. The location where I shoot is always between the northern fishing pier and the iconic pleasure pier with the big wheel.

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