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Jasmin Gendron

I am not a tourist. We decided to move to Japan last winter… The perception of beauty we have of an area can be influenced by a variety of personal experiences and situations.

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Stéphane Deleersnijder

Moroccan wanderings. “Moroccan wanderings” is a work done in Morocco during two trips. This series is a work still in progress as it will lead to an exhibition and a book next year. My objective is to transcribe in my photographs the atmosphere of an artistic trend that is dear to me: magical realism.

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Michael Goldrei

Street Photography. The photos presented here are some of the favorite shots I’ve taken since I started out in street photography in 2011 and feature in my recent book ‘chromorama’. I find a color to be one of the most important components in a photograph, and that it can add hugely to its emotional aspect. I take inspiration from many art forms, with the work of other photographers, illustrators, theatre, cinema, and even computer games all being part of the thought process when taking these shots.

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Sagi Kortler

Where dirt meets water. “Where dirt meets water” is how comedian Bill Hicks described the beach, it’s a place where surrealism is at it’s beat.

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Magelio Venturi

Human Condition. In his ongoing project “Synopsis of the Human Condition”, Magelio playfully revisits the human relentless quest for meaning of life (love, birth, work, marriage, sex, death, etc.), as well as an individual’s sense of disorientation, haunting anxiety and confusion in a universe seemingly absurd, senseless and indifferent and where one does not always fit or have free will.

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