Carlos Coelho

City Shapes. “City Shapes” is a project where I present to you the city of London through my eyes. “The most captivating aspect of art is its ability to transform and when I dive into a photograph of Coelho, I see a city completely different from the one I see every day.

Evgeniya Gor

Among the worlds. I have always been interested in the relationship between humans and animals, then it became the main theme of my project. Now my model can be any person, animal. Of course depending on the situation and the moment.

Parker Reinecker

Running from the Sun. There is a place that seems so far from here. A place where the sand, the dirt, the rock and the sky live in harmony. Where the sun beats down on the man formed brick and the asphalt of the journey to the West.

Neenad Arul

Dog Story. I must personally admit initially when I started out exploring my passion for street photography I was very shy as a person and I always thought itís not polite to photograph unknown people.