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Pierre Moreau

7/7. For seven days on the seventh floor of a beachfront apartment, from sunrise to sunset I photographed the open window beach, testing the whole palette of lights and ambiences that nature could offer me. I was not deceived.

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Stéphane Deleersnijder

Moroccan wanderings. “Moroccan wanderings” is a work done in Morocco during two trips. This series is a work still in progress as it will lead to an exhibition and a book next year. My objective is to transcribe in my photographs the atmosphere of an artistic trend that is dear to me: magical realism.

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Olivier Bekaert

Con Su Permisso. In 2012 i made a road trip through Argentina followed by a public transport trip through Bolivia, Peru and Panama. For 4 months my only occupation was taking photographs. This is a small selection.

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Andrea Shkreli

Bonjour Ostend. Andrea Shkreli studies the pulse of a Belgian seaside town, with emphasis on summer conditions, whereby people are usually revitalized, and reveal themselves, and tourism intermingles with slothful everydayness.

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