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Matteo Gallo

Leavin’ the dream. “Leavin’ the dream” was officially born after few month I was working for a media/marketing company during all sort of corporate and private events.

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Libby Holmsen

Everyday Moments. A series of candid images that celebrate the charm in everyday moments. Moments that often go unnoticed. A mother shadowing her child. An empty thought bubble. A new father walking the line. A lawn thief. A play on shadows. A floating lady.

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Mark Forbes

Stars & Stripes. Stars and Stripes is a project that I completed in 2017. It was an intense 5 day trip to New York City. All shot on 35mm film (Leica M6).

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David M Clarke

12 days in New York City. 12 days in New York City in the summer heat, offering endless moments, sights and people. A city that would take a life time to capture.

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Sam Ferris

Off Quay. This ongoing series first took shape in 2014 when I realised that during the winter months I’d always end up at Circular Quay to catch the final shards of light as it spears through the architecture of the train station, ferry terminals, and harbour bridge.

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Gerry Orkin

Street photographs from Australia and Elsewhere. I’m not sure that I have a style. I just look for quirkiness, intimacy, humour, ambiguity, and mystery.

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