Susanne Baumgartner

Describing the work in a few words, I love colors, little single isolated situations, moments strange, but beautiful. In my street photography, it is less the documentary style/idea than playing with the moment, when things come together, unexpectedly, surprising me in many different ways, often subtle, including hidden but important details, sometimes telling little stories, a bit complicated. Because of that, often not easy for the viewer, but exactly the way I really love it.

COUNTRY | Switzerland

BIO | Susanne Baumgartner is a Swiss street-photographer, living close to Berne. About ten years ago, friends triggerd the interest in street-photography and she got hooked to it ever since. The portfolio is built up while travelling mainly and endless walks through the visited cities or her hometown. Her work has been awarded as a finalist twice in Miami and once in Rom, plus some other contests, and exhibited in several group-shows in the USA, Italy, Germany. In addition, she had some solo-exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany. The first German Street Photography Festival invited Susanne to become a member of the jury. Currently she is working on a couple of projects, a book is in preparation and keeps on collecting single shots.