Sotiris Lamprou

Aliartos Blues. Even though I have traveled a lot, my surroundings have a far more predominant place in my imagery.
The small town of Aliartos, my place, is situated in the center of Kopais fertile plain, a drained marsh.
I like to stroll all over this dystopian, yet lifeful land, recording the moodiness and grace of its landscape and population, locals, immigrant workers or the Roma community.

COUNTRY | Greece

BIO | Sotiris Lamprou is a photographer currently based in Aliartos, Greece.
For several years, his work was regularly featured at the front-page of ‘’Savvato’’, the weekly literary magazine of ‘’ELEFTHEROTYPIA’’, a high-impact national Greek newspaper, while his photos have illustrated cover pages of books along with Greek and French literary magazines.
A sample of his early corpus of work has been presented in 2009 in my first photo album, The Petrified Forest, by Odos Panos Editions.