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Serendipity is the first monograph by acclaimed street photographer Vineet Vohra, with an introduction by Muhammed Muheisen. 130 images show us an India made of beautifully random juxtapositions.
500 limited-edition copies signed by Vineet Vohra will be available in White (470) and Black (30) editions.

* Each Black Edition contains one unique photograph 21×30 cm. The photograph by Vineet Vohra included in Serendipity has never been printed for sales before, it’s only available through this book in limited edition and in future it won’t be sold in this or any other format.

Only pre-ordering the book now you will receive three postcards in limited editions signed by Vineet Vohra.

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* Limited Edition Photograph 21×30 cm  included in “Serendipity” Black Edition


Vineet Vohra is an internationally celebrated street photographer based in New Dehli, India. He is considered one of the most influential street photographers of his generation.
With a background in fine arts, Vineet’s images are complex, playful, beautifully structured and contemporary. He skilfully combines content, composition and light to make compelling photographs and multi-image sequences and series. Vineet’s special skill is to create order in the chaos we often find on the street: he patiently waits and until everything falls into place.
As well as a passion for making photographs, Vineet is a very experienced street photography teacher, and he regularly conducts workshops in Asia, Europe and the United States.
Vineet has a special place at the heart of the street photography community in Asia and has made a significant contribution to its development over the past ten years.

Book Specification

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 200
  • Size: 22 x 27 CM
  • Publisher: Eyeshot
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Paper Quality: Symbol Tatami by Fedrigoni

Black Edition, White Edition