Saffet Ulker

Moment: One and Only. The challenge of a photographer is to capture an advanced level of aesthetics while trying to convey the moment without detaching it from its own context. Forced fiction by the photographer confines the viewer to his/her fictional story. When shooting streets, I feel disturbed in terms of the outcome if I have intervened the scene more than deciding what to exclude or include.
A street photographer tries to give another chance for a particular moment to be seen again. He/she gets the distraction out and provides that frame once again for the viewer. What I try to achieve is this: to make anyone check that particular moment in time, wrapped in its own sensation, own geometry, own color. As a photographer, I do not belong to the scene. I do not get things ready for the shot. I seek for those particular moments and that is the single role I take. Find the frame, exclude or include, shoot.

COUNTRY | Turkey

BIO | I studied civil engineering, finance and business. I am currently working in the finance industry. I am living in Istanbul and trying to travel when I find the opportunity.