Cubanismo. It’s a long-term project with a documentary sense, since within this project I have a “subproject” twinning this beautiful country with my Andalusia land.
The twinning of the Cuban people with the Andalusian people is something that, although not much has been said about it, has become latent for me, especially in the idiosyncrasies of people’s related lifestyles.”


BIO | I am a photographer based in Seville, Spain.
My interest in anthropological photography increased in my teens when I saw older people work in the fields and worked with animals in my town.
Color is my favorite weapon to create eternal images that tell people’s lives.
I am currently working on several projects about life in the countryside, work on agriculture, fisheries and the oldest methods of supplying the human being with food and housing. My references in photography have always been: Harry Gruyaert, Constantine Manos, Cristobal Hara, David Alan Harvey, and Bruce Davidson.