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Roza Vulf

Floating World. The Floating World series takes its roots from the 17th century Japanese Art called Ukyio. It was originally translated to mean ‘sad world’, but with the evolution of language, literature and the usage of the term itself, the most recent translation of Ukyio-e pertains to the phrase ‘floating world’ or fleeting pictures of the world.

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Marina M. Garcia

Morocco: Streets & Stories. These are all images I took during my last trip to Morocco and part of the project “Morocco: streets and stories”. This series is an attempt to show you this beautiful and colourful country through a monochromatic perspective and focus of daily stories on its streets.

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Efi Longinou

I discovered photography for myself as a mean of artistic expression and it became my new passion ever since then. Taking pictures provided me with the opportunity to follow the curiosity I have for people with the same fervency I feel when working as an actress.

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