Önder Sertçelik


The lives in the fabric of street and geometry | «The lives in the fabric of street and geometry» is a photographic project regarding street connections—as well as contradictions—between elements, may that be human beings, animals, or buildings.
The action of observing candid moments with layered elements and being able to capture them with a compelling narrative is, in itself, an art. The author often uses shadows and lights to minimise the subject of a photograph, while in truth, he is emphasising it as well by making it a central part of the constructed image. There is a vivid usage of symbols and implied meanings, and the repetitions help the narrative flow in every picture. We can see a photographer that is attracted to the textures of outdoor spaces, and often he puts them in contrast to people and their behaviour. As a result, a fascinating connection appears, where time and space are frozen in a dance of black, white, and relevant details.

FROM | Turkey

THE PHOTOGRAPHER | Önder Sertçelik is a Turkish photographer who has started his photographic journey in 2009. In 2018, he studied documentary photography at İfsak, the Istanbul Amateur Photography and Cinema Society. There, he completed two documentary projects, one of which was presented in a collective exhibition.
He began by taking photographs of architecture and buildings, and, while doing so, he realised that some details in the structures could blend well with passersby’s actions. The street textures and their connections with people started to draw his attention, and Istanbul was very inspiring in this regard since it has a rich and vivid urban scenery. After some time, from the static and wide-ranging architectural photographs, he switched to a more active and narrow style, coming close to the people and shooting in the streets. As his perception of composition improved in learning from the masters, he began taking more layered and thought-provoking pictures. Lately, he has been shifting to framing human actions and complex situations on the street.
For the future, he wishes to develop a project in which human connections are mirrored by taking photographs of objects. Other than that, he is planning to make a documentary project reflecting on his view of social and cultural issues.