Max Sturgeon


Of a Different Stripe | Shot in the Bay of Bengal region, «Of a Different Stripe» is a series referring to the uniqueness and strangeness of this area, at least to outsiders.
Occasional viewers may see and experience the Bay of Bengal region as overwhelming. Exotic to even the most experienced traveller, it is an assault on the senses: the noise, the smells, the vibrant colours to say the least. What is more, there is a seemingly never-ending crowd pushing against you on the streets or public transportation, and personal space is perceived as nonexistent. It could easily become too much for the inexperienced traveller, nonetheless this chaotic and overzealous way of living is also what makes this scenario so special and unique. Life in these streets can be felt and seen like nowhere else, so alive and vibrant.
Max Sturgeon’s pictures try to capture the vividness of life in the Bay of Bengal region, and his images can portray well the richness of colours and convey actions and meanings. Not one of the photos was staged or posed, since there was no need: in a land of countless Gods and languages, the streets are theatre, and the performances one of a kind. «Of a Different Stripe» is a series where two different cultures meet halfway, becoming aware of one another through comparison and contrasts. Chaotic beauty at its finest.

FROM | United States

THE PHOTOGRAPHER | Max Sturgeon is an American photographer and filmmaker who splits his time between Austin, Texas, and Warsaw, Poland. Working on film and TV projects as an assistant director for half the year enables him the flexibility to spend the rest of his time travelling overseas. Currently, he is working on numerous ongoing long term photography projects.