Mario Mencacci

Car to car. “Talking, eating, looking around, waiting, thinking, fist pumping to the music, smoking, resting, texting a friend, picking nose, brushing hair, singing a lullaby to a baby, answering the phone, writing, snapping pictures, loving, reading, hiding, cursing, sleeping, holding in pee, gesticulating, being patient, praying, getting bored, whispering, skipping speed cameras, putting on make-up, drinking (water!), kissing, cracking a joke, dreaming, crying, smiling, fighting, hoping the next coffee will be better, forgetting…
Oh, and I almost forgot… Driving!”.


BIO | Born in 1961, Mario lives in Pontedera (Pisa), Italy, where he works as an architect. He started taking photos 30 years ago, back in the‘80s, but after a long break, he began again anew in 2008 when he fell in love with Street Photography. In the last years he has been holding Street Photography workshops in many different locations in Italy, seminars, and conferences for several organizations and associations, and basic photography class in schools.
Recently he was among the finalists in some international photo contests, his interviews and portfolio have been featured in photography magazines and international Art and Photography websites. One of his images was selected and published by the United Nations and appears on the cover of their magazine.