Marc Erpelding


All The Street’s A Stage | «All The Street’s A Stage» is a project portraying nine different countries during the course of three years. Through several settings differing in time and space, these pictures explore how individuals blend into the urban scenery. Nightlife, the intimacy of a country house, or the freezing feeling of being under surveillance—in each and every case, the action is caught still.
The absence of motion is what ties this series together. The viewer is given the impression of witnessing a quiet, and sometimes awkward, stolen situation from around the world. The lens of Marc Erpelding deepens the connections amongst people, places and props, in such regard that every picture seems to have a thoroughly thought set design. The street is resembling a theatre stage, as the project title suggests. The juxtaposition of people against their surroundings, where everyone seems to be absorbed in their own play.
«All The Street’s A Stage» is still an ongoing project that the author is planning on developing further, and what we see here is only an excerpt of a broader archive.

FROM | Luxembourg

THE PHOTOGRAPHER | Born in 1976 in Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, Marc Erpelding had the privilege to grow up in a family of art enthusiasts. While interested in many different photography art forms, nothing thrills him more than street photography. As a photographer, he enjoys being an observer guided by colours, light, structures and above all, people. He is particularly interested in how individuals blend into that urban setting, that juxtaposition of people against their surroundings. His photography echoes those quiet, sometimes awkward situations, in which people seem to be absorbed in their thoughts. He aspires to show the beauty and strangeness of the world stage. Marc Erpelding is also a founding member of the international street photography collective Through The Lands.