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Luca Rossi

Latent City. The city is a chaos of images but if you know how and where to look, surprises will come ..


BIO | I started taking pictures as a child analog under the guidance of the dear cousin, photographer of the Photographic Club Vicenza, Albertina Rossi.
During adolescence, I completely abandoned the practice but kept alive the interest in photography which I then resumed with the digital event.
Love for street photography and the continuous research led me in recent years to devote much time in study groups and workshops to compare with the excellence of contemporary authors who influence me and inspire as Riccardo Bononi, Massimo Branca, Umberto Verdoliva, Ferdinando Fasolo, and Giampaolo Romagnosi the group Mignon.
I do not think there is a point of arrival in photography but I think there’s just the way that it is itself the essence.