Jefri ajie Febriansyah

Front of me | I just think and shoot all the best moment in front of me and share with all people, simple shoot with a big surprise and people will think it’s like a bomb. Supeerb!!

COUNTRY | Indonesia

BIO | I am Jefri, I live in Surabaya East Java Indonesia. I work as a chef at a hotel. I started to be interested in street photos since 2017. It feels good to be able to interact with many people, and in street photos I can find freedom in myself. I tried to explore more about the state of the city where I live. Indonesia, with all its diversity and beauty, is worthy of sharing in a frame with anyone in this part of the world. I was lucky in 2019 that I could feel that I was one of the finalists at the street photo festival, Aussie Street Photos and Miami Street Photography Festival.