Katerina Christina


Quiet moments in the chaos. Slowing down to appreciate the small but powerful moments we often miss while consumed in technology or in the stresses of everyday life are what comprise quiet moments in the chaos.

COUNTRY | United States

BIO | Katerina Christina is a 24-year-old, Greek-American street and documentary photographer based in San Francisco. She first picked up a camera in early 2018 in search of a creative outlet to balance her mechanical engineering studies at Stanford University. What started as a hobby is now a daily source of inspiration, appreciation of the world around her, and career pursuit. Her street photography focuses on slowing down to appreciate the small but powerful moments we often miss consumed in technology–the quiet moments in the chaos. Two other ongoing street photography series focus on childhood–the sense of wonder we often lose as adults–and wild things–the animals with whom we share this beautiful world. Her perspective in street photography is shaped by the chaos of the years before and at Stanford when she rarely took the time to appreciate the swiftly passing moments around her. Now she documents these moments every day with the hope that others will be inspired by her images to slow down and take in the world around them with admiration and respect.