Görkem Keser

SA Few Days In Istanbul Street Photography Series By Gorkem Keser. Istanbul is such a beautiful city that it inspires many people to write poetry. There are people who long for it when they’re away. But to me, Istanbul has always been a city of chaos, crowd and brute. It was more livable in the past, but now things like politics, sacrificing nature for the sake of profit, etc. have changed the very soul of the city.
If you could walk around Istanbul with someone familiar to the city (for safety reasons), that would be the most exciting experience. On one street you may see people performing a prayer, while on another you may see people dancing. You may even encounter religious Muslims in a church. If you’re interested in that kind of experience.

COUNTRY | Turkey

BIO | Görkem Keser a street & documentary photographer living in Istanbul Turkey who was born in 1986. Working as a freelance photographer. Görkem’s photos have a very cohesive visual language, dominated by blue tones and wide-angle shots. He applies it mostly to street photography in order to capture the many faces of Istanbul. His photographs have been shown in exhibitions as well as the newspaper and magazines. Görkem’s work is focused street photography and experimental projects.