Giuliano Mazzanti

ONE CLICK, AN ILLUSION | «One click, an illusion» is a photographic series questioning what is real, and what it is that our minds can read into reality.
In this project, the photographer’s lens is trying to grasp the hidden meaning in every scene. The pictures rely on ambiguity to conceal their truth, which, in those cases, is what is perceived to be real. Colours, composition and curiosity are essential features to navigate this series correctly. Alter egos, doppelgängers, and dubious contrast are frequent in the overall series, opening a discussion broader than the series itself. The camera is the tool to illustrate the author’s truth on people and situations he encounters on the street. His pictures are just one possible interpretation of the scenes. «One click, an illusion» is a visual research on the wide range of possibilities and coincidences of reality, mixed with a creative mind.

FROM | Italy

THE PHOTOGRAPHER | Giuliano Mazzanti is an Italian photographer born and raised in Bologna, Italy. His passion for photography has been a 30-year journey, which began in 1989 by joining a photography club in the city. The shift to street photography happened gradually. At first, he was keeping his subjects at a distance, finding it difficult to approach them. As he discovered his way into street photography, he gained the confidence to get closer to the urban scene, overcoming his former uncertainty. Since then, he never stopped looking for new challenges. He loves to read into every situation while seeing it happening through the lens of his camera. Being curious and trying to understand the scene unfolding before him, as he says, is an aspect of photography that suits well his character. He became a member of the street photography collective INstradaphoto in 2017.