Giacomo Mancini


Where the sky meets the Earth | «Where the sky meets the Earth» is a series aimed to reflect on how individual visions can convey different meanings to a collective audience.
Landscape photography has never been this author’s preferred style of shooting. Lately, he found a way to implement natural elements in his daily research. The time spent living in a nation-wide lockdown has risen to a deep and personal understanding of the world.
Living during a global pandemic, and experiencing instability for a prolonged period, can also be seen as an occasion to give a more individual shape to our gaze. Every little world endured a modification, shifting from what was far away, to what we could touch with our own hands. Human beings and their lives suffered a forced stop, and this is where a new beginning arose.
«Where the sky meets the Earth» is seen by the author as a possibility to regain our relationships with what is here and now, with nature, our history and connections. A landscape is nothing but a personal experience of aesthetics mixed with a good dose of wonderment.

FROM | Italy

THE PHOTOGRAPHER | Giacomo Mancini is an Italian photographer based in Civitanova Marche, Italy. In 2014 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the Graphic Design field, while he kept on pursuing his main interests in photography and cinema. Then, in 2017 he graduated with top marks in photography with a project called “On the way to Damascus”, showing more than a year of shooting in Fermo, Italy, in the Lido Tre Archi neighbourhood.
After that, with the Italian non-profit organization “Please Sound”, he travelled to India, where this organization operates the most. He researched the region of Tamil Nadu and the Kalvarayan Hills, India, intending to document the social-economic and cultural situation of disadvantaged communities. Recently, he is working as a freelance photographer and graphic designer.