Francesco Lopazio

Hacking Daily Life. The work originates from my computer studies; more precisely from the term “hacking” which can refer more generically to those situations in which it is necessary to use creativity and imagination. In the series everyday situations in mainly urban contexts take on new forms and new points of view, sometimes even with a humorous character. As in hacking, here too the study of situations allows then to modify the system according to our needs, as in the case of the photos in which my shadow is present.


BIO | Francesco Lopazio, 25 years old. Last year engineering student in Ancona, but with the camera still in his backpack. I’ve been shooting since I was little. Over time I have changed different photographic genres trying to develop an increasingly personal photographic language. In recent years I have studied street photography in-depth, a genre that I am really loving for its ability to show what would seem ordinary under new eyes.