Francesco Gioia

Red. For this series I focused on the red colour which is very vibrant and dominant. Red is connected with happiness, love, passion, anger and danger. It works as an alarm for every person. This happens because it was the colour that the human being first understood that is related to pain and death by looking at their own blood. Colour in photography is one of the most powerful narrative tools and emotionally strikes the viewer without realizing it.

COUNTRY | United Kingdom

BIO | I was born in Florence in 1991. I am a photographer based in London, England. I like to shoot various different things when I am on the street. Usually, I never go out with a clear and defined idea of what I’m going to photograph. The streets and the people give me the inspiration to move on and to keep photographing every single day. I always carry the camera with me so that put me in a position where I am constantly looking out for interesting and unusual moments. I really care about the people I am photographing because without them I would be nothing, they inspire me and they are the ones who keep me interested and motivated.