Filippo Drudi

That’s what I look for when I put people inside my images. I say “put” because for me it’s not about the people. Each of these pictures is given birth in my head first and foremost as an abstract. Light, colour, shape, line, each and every element of design matters to me a far deal more that any content in the photograph. But in the end, when the right person comes into the frame –or I create an image around it– that human element becomes the key that can magically bring life into the picture and bridge myself and (hopefully) the viewer from my world of colours and abstraction to the one we live in.

Photographer: Filippo Drudi

Country: Italy

Bio: My name is Filippo Drudi, I’m an Italian photographer based in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.
Always learning, always evolving, looking forward to my best work.